John Irving: In One Person

JohnIrvingIn One Person is a 2012 novel by American author John Irving, his 13th since 1968. The book was published on May 8, 2012 by Simon & Schuster, and deals with the coming of age of a bisexual man and his coming to grips with his sexual identity.[1]


In One Person is narrated by central character Billy, a bisexual novelist. Billy’s story is told through multiple time periods and shows him initially as a teenager with crushes on the “wrong people,” but also showing his coming of age.[2]


Irving came up with the idea of writing a book about a bisexual character while thinking “what if,” also commenting that the subject matter of bisexuality was familiar to him, having had fleeting crushes on boys while growing up.[3] He also remarked on the subject of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s when he wrote that he and several family members of homosexual men had only discovered the sexual orientation of these men due to their being diagnosed as having the disease and dying of it.[3] Irving has stated that while it had taken him seven to eight years to conceptualize the book, he felt that the novel’s actual writing process was relatively fast and that due to his experiences in New York, did not have to do as much research.[4]

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  1. Qui està d’acord amb la frase:
    “John Irving afirma que sus novelas buscan conmover al lector más que persuadirle intelectualmente”

  2. A veure que us sembla aquesta :
    “Siempre he odiado a Hemingway. Me causaba vergüenza como escritor y como hombre. Y su manera de representar la masculinidad me parece un chiste. Él no era boxeador, era un alcohólico sobrevalorado que, además, es responsable de la ola literaria de todos sus imitadores. A mí me gustan las frases largas y los personajes complejos, y la mayor profundidad que consiguió Hemingway fue crear un personaje que era incapaz de tener una erección. Así que Hemingway es el mayor fraude de la historia. Como hombre y como escritor”

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  4. Well, I’ve finished the book (was on holydays 2 weeks)
    Still dont know what it is about.
    “Billy’s story” ?
    I dont buy it.
    Just a sequence of events, mixed in time, quite meaningless (to me)
    No story to tell.
    Just disgusting homo details.
    And the final scene, his meeting with his father in Madrid, is … pathetic.

  5. Sorry, I dislike this kind of books…too much pages for nothing. I feel disappointed.

  6. Elisabet Ribera | Reply

    Hi, my off the record, comment about the book In one person by Irving.

    Maybe it’s kind of messy, when placing facts and events in time…..and for sure the AIDS ailment details explanation is tough, but short.

    Some things, I don’t buy it either. I don’t mind about the purpose of the writer or the weak ending.

    I was engaged with the book since the very beginning. I’ve found interesting the relations between characters. I’m very fond of Miss Frost and the way she faces all.

    The theater parts mentioned and other authors and books comments (are an added value) I loved that too.

    But above all this I appreciated to know more about people. Gender questioning, Sexual tendencies, love bounds, guilt versus freedom, loneliness, friendship…

    This is a different book, That’s what I liked about it.

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