Cormac McCarthy: The Road

The Road is a 2006 novel by American writer Cormac McCarthy. It is a post-apocalyptic tale of a journey of a father and his young son over a period of several months, across a landscape blasted by an unspecified cataclysm that has destroyed most of civilization and, in the intervening years, almost all life on Earth. The novel was awarded the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction in 2006.

The book was adapted to a film by the same name in 2009, directed by John Hillcoat, starring Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee.


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  1. Sebastian says : does anybody know if Andrea wants a “quote” from this book also ?
    2nd request : does anybody have her new e-mail ? The “first” one does not work anymore …

    1. Sebastian,
      Hello! Yes if its possible please get another quote from the book, and my new email is

  2. Sebastian again: do you think it’s better “first read the book, then see the movie” or the way around : dirst see the movie, then read the book” ?
    Can you tell me why ?

    1. Ah, it’s easy, we have to first read the book, then see the film because the book says so! 🙂


      Now seriously, I prefer to first read the book and then, optionally, see the film. If the film is boring, then is much more difficult to read the book, at least for me.

  3. Hi dears, yesterday I asked to Andrea if we have to point a quote in this book, and she said me: yes, and in a few days she’ll do some instructions about it.

  4. Hi mates,
    OHH!! I have finished the book before knowing about the quotes….I can tell you I am definetely NOT reading the book again, so maybe if Ramon has all those post-its he had the last day in this present book, I can borrow one from him… ;P By the way, I hope Ramon I did not damage the bulb of your projector …
    It was a difficult reading, but I liked it at the end (very much at the end :D), so do not get disencouraged if you are still reading.
    Personally, I really dislike watching first the movie about a book I am going to read. The reason is that the written text allows unique representations in every individual’s imagination about characters, places and things described. When I see a movie there is always some variation on the way I imagined all that, and I must say this variation is in all cases disapointing. We also know that movies usually betray books they are based in, often changing parts of the plot, in order to become more commercial. And finally, well, what about really long books (like The Lord of the rings), it is really impossible to follow the plot if you have not read the book, too much story to be framed in some hours… but anyway, I enjoy watching film adaptations of books after reading, just to see what the result was.
    OK, enough writing for today….looking forward to meeting you.

    1. Hi Roser,

      This time I’m reading the book from the PDF mostly, because it’s easier to look for words in the dictionary, so now I have several e-quotes and I will sell them to anybody for a cofee 😉

      It’s good that you say you liked the very end of the book (without saying how it ends), it really gives me aim to continue with such a sad book.

      I plan to see the film once I have finished the book, but it will have to be some day that I am not pessimistic.



      PD: ah don’t worry, the projector works perfectly

  5. Josefina Roig | Reply

    Hello everybody,
    In this case, I saw the film some time ago, so I already know what this book is about.

    I have not still read too many pages but I find that, as usual, the book is plenty of descriptions and thoughts difficult to materialize in the film. However, you have in both death, desolation, hardness, … It was a difficult film, with not much action, rather slow, and the book, after the pages I’ve been reading, will also be the same.
    I’ll carry out with it.
    See you.


  6. If its possible please get a quote from this book. My email is, if you need to reach me for anything please feel free to do so. Thanks

  7. I’ve finished the book… I think I need to do something funny next weekend to relief.

    I’m not going to say if I liked the book or not, I look forward to discuss that with the group. Just looking at some reviews I see it is a kind of book people love it or hate it, but I’ve found a funny one, it goes like this:

    The boy looked at the man. So, did you like the book?
    It was ok.
    Just ok?
    Yes, just ok.
    Why didn’t you like it?
    I don’t know.
    You don’t know?
    I guess it really didn’t go anywhere. It just kind of meandered.
    It did?
    Walk, search for food, build a fire, try to stay dry, avoid the bad people and then get up and do it all over again.
    Is that what happens?
    It did. The characters, except for one, didn’t have names so sometimes there would be two he’s referred to in the same paragraph and you did not know which he was he.
    And the dialogue did not use quotation marks. Apparently established authors can break grammatical rules and people will think it is genius.
    I suppose.
    And when dialogue ran several lines, the author didn’t use said to break up who was talking so you didn’t know if it was that he or the other he talking after a while.
    I’m not even sure who you are talking about.
    Me neither.
    I’m not sure which one of us is talking right now either.
    Me neither. Will we be ok?
    You mean you and me?
    Yeah . . . I guess.
    Did you say that or did I say that?
    Who cares.



    1. Yes, that kind of speech is realy unpleasant … Maybe author wants to indicate there is not a real talk – it’s all mental … Disgusting (IMHO)

    2. That “parody” dialogue was brilliant! hahaha

    3. Realy, it looks like to me more the script of a quest video game than a novel…

      I hadn’t time to see the movie yet but, if is like the book I’ll skip.


  8. Sebastian says ….

    I was asking myself : what makes a good book ?

    Maybe I like in a book …

    … good characters : if they feel real, we have the basis for a novel

    … the story : has to be bealivable and skillfully presented

    … writing talent : stimulating the reader, with good vocabulary and sentence structure

    If everybody has to have a book labeled “the worst book I have ever read”, then this is the one for me : “The Road”

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